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Dog training

Dog training is a must for all dogs. Dog training is more than just telling your dog to stop doing what he’s doing, it is the process of teaching a dog to exhibit certain desired dog behavior in specific circumstances. Proper dog training is not a “quick fix” - it is an ongoing, life-long process. Behavior dog training is very important in today’s society because many people take their dogs every where they go.

All dog training is not created equal. Positive dog training is quickly becoming the preferred method of dog training. This method of training is possible for just about every young dog.

Dog training is more than just training your dog, it involves teaching the owner, you. Going through dog training is something every dog owner should do. Dog training is like going to school all over again. Training is all about communication, and you need to learn to communicate with your dog. I once was told that 90% of dog training is teaching the owners.

One of the basic obedience training points relevant in this regard is teaching your dog to sit on command. Training your dog to “sit” is probably the first thing you will train your dog to do. To start the training: say sit while gently pressing her rump down and holding a treat above your dog’s head. When a dog is forced to look upward, he will automatically sit on his hind legs.

When you want your dog to sit, hold a treat a bit above her head and say sit. As the dog sits, say “sit” again and then immediately give him the treat. Your dog should drop into a ’sit’ position in order to reach the food.

One of my favorite commands to teach my dogs is fetch. Teaching your dog to fetch promotes bonding and is a great way to give your dog some exercise. To do this, first throw a ball (not too far though), and give the command “Fetch”. As he inevitably starts to run towards it, yell fetch again. Instead of a ball, you could use the object your dog loves most, as this makes him want to fetch it. Do not plays fetch with heavy items or sticks, however, as this can damage the dog’s teeth or otherwise injure the dog.

A well trained dog should remain where his or her owner commands, so stay is an important command in dog training as well. Since it is more involved, that will be the subject of another article.

The most basic of dog training is to get your dog to sit, stay and fetch. As I said before, proper dog training is not a “quick fix”: it is an ongoing, life-long process. Dog training is a very physical activity, so be prepared to be tired. And dog training is never without risk of injury, either, especially with more aggressive breeds.

That said, dog training is certainly a must for all dogs. One major mistake many pet owners make is to assume that the dog training is over. Training your dog continues throughout your dog’s life. It’s all about communication.

Dog training is definitely not rocket science and is easier than you would expect, especially if you can get help from a good dog training guide or book.

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